Torque Pilates studio is a newly opened Pilates studio situated in Katoomba. Run by local Ela Ray Sinclair who as well as being a professional dancer is committed to offering Pilates to the upper mountain community.
Torque offers a personal and quality service with particular attention paid to detail, helping to make a safe and beneficial Pilates experience.
The studio runs equipment-based sessions where one is instructed through a personal programme unique to their bodies’ needs and restrictions, only ever sharing the session with 2 other clients.
Mat classes are also soon to begin at an alternate venue and corporate mat classes are available at your workplace. Ela is also available to take Pilates Mat classes specially designed for Dancers.
If you wish to gain more strength, flexibility, co-ordination, to help be rehabilitated after injury, to maintain fitness whilst pregnant or to regain strength after, Pilates can offer all this and more.
Pilates is a fantastic way to make the most of your body!

• improve posture
• core strength and stability
• flexibility and mobility
• body and spatial awareness
• optimal functional movement
• Toned lean muscles
• Injury management
• Rehabilitation
• Pilates for pregnancy
• sport and dance conditioning
• Physiotherapist assessments
• Health fund rebates
• clinical pilates